Magicrete Building Solutions Pvt Ltd

Block Bonding Adhesive

We are a prominent Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Block Bonding Adhesive in Gujarat, India. The Bonding Adhesive that we deal in is a high strength adhesive for quick and firm laying of AAC blocks with thin joints. It is accurately formulated with top of the line ingredients such as cement, graded sand and blended with polymers so as to impart high strength and water retention properties even when in thickness of 2-3 mm layer. We believe in on-time deliveries without all sorts of delays.

Highlights :

  • High Bond Strength - Special polymers imparts high adhesive strength (3.4 mpa) increasing overall masonry strength & load bearing capacity
  • No Shrinkage Cracks - Water is retained in mortar, thus preventing shrinkage cracks
  • High Thermal Insulation - Thin joints prevents heat transfer through walls
  • Zero Wastage - It is easy to apply and avoids wastage of material
  • No Curing Required - Due to water retention polymers, curing is not essential after application
  • High Coverage - Due to low density & high volume, it can cover 200-250 sq. ft. with 3mm thickness for 4" thick AAC block
  • Economical - Quantity required is 3 times lesser than conventional mortar
  • Premixed - No jobsite blending of powder is required, only water is to be added

Specifications :

  • Appearance : Grey Powder
  • Water Required : 35%
  • Pot Life : ~ 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Water Curing : Not required
  • Tensile Adhesive Strength : 3.4 Mpa (as per ASTM-C1660)
  • Coverage : 200 - 225 sq. ft. for 4” thick blocks